Hapkido in Davie FL - Beginner Friendly Classes

Wednesday, January 02, 2019
Davie Self-defense
Hapkido self-defense classes for teens and adults in the Davie area. We have a that will challenge you and help you reach your fitness and healthy living goals. Classes are safe, beginner-friendly, and teach you traditional hapkido, along with practical self-defense skills.

We invite you to come and try one or two free classes on any Monday or Wednesday at 8:00pm. See first hand the many benefits of hapkido training.

Currently we are offering 4 weeks of classes, with a uniform, for $49. Contact us today and try a free class - 954-680-0249.

What's it like in our Hapkido class:
  • we start with warmup exercises like jumping jacks and light stretching
  • students train at their own pace and ability
  • a little cardio, a little strength training, and lots of awesome hapkido
  • you will learn traditional and more practical striking techniques using your hands, fists and elbows
  • kicks will be covered, whether you can kick high or low, we have techniques for your to apply
  • how to fall and roll is taught to students who are able to do so safely
  • hapkido is known for joint manipulation, joint locks and throws similar to judo
  • classes are small usually 5 or 6 people
  • you have to be 13 to start, but we have students who are in their 70s
  • we wear uniforms in class
  • training is done in a traditional and respectful manner, but in a friendly and relax atmosphere
  • safety is always our first priority