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Sunday, March 11, 2018
Hapkido Self-defense Weston Davie Cooper City
Came across this Sun Sentinel article from 1991 about Hapkido self-defense classes that used to be offered in Weston. Great to see how the World Hapkido Federation was represented in the area back then.

A Martial Art For Everyone Even The Disabled Can Master Hapkido To Build Self-confidence And For Self-defense.

June 30, 1991 | By LOURDES RODRIGUEZ-FLORIDO, Staff Writer

Earlier in the evening, Linda Marcus tossed a man over her shoulder. "You should see the way we throw these men around," she said afterwards, laughing.

But as she continued to talk, the laughter disappeared and was replaced by a sort of reverence. For Marcus was talking about the Korean martial art she is learning -- hapkido.

To Marcus, hapkido is not just a way to exercise. It is a way of coping with an increasingly violent world.

"I'm tired of being afraid," said Marcus, 36. "This is my world too."

It was a statement that was echoed by many of her other Weston classmates, which include retirees and disabled adults. Hapkido, unlike other martial arts, is not geared to those with athletic strength and ability.

"Hapkido is a sort of a science of self-defense,"...

"It places its emphasis on body pressure points and redirection of the force of the attack and does not require excessive strength or agility or any athletic capability," said Pellegrini, of Sunrise.

"That`s why it is an art that`s truly for everyone."