Q & A: Hapkido Classes for Self-defense Cooper City

Friday, January 26, 2018

Hapkido is a traditional Korean martial art design as a self-defense system. It is widely used by security forces around the world. You have seen it in action in movies such as The Bourne film series and John Wick. Besides the traditional training, we take a  practical approach in an effort to keep relevant with modern self-defense situations.

What exactly does one learn in Hapkido?
Hapkido is a well rounded self-defense system where you learn to strike with hands and feet, knees and elbows. Students learn to apply joint locks and submission to stop and secure an attacker. Finally, you learn how to fall correctly and how to throw an attacker the same way you might have seen in judo. Besides learning the traditional techniques, you will practice a lot of practical self-defense application drills.

Is there an age limit to train Hapkido?
We currently only teach adults and teens over the age of 13. We have had students over 60 train regularly in class. Martial arts training is an individual journey and you train at your own pace.

Besides self-defense, what other benefits can I expect?
You can expect to lose weight, increased stamina and strength. Your mobility will improve greatly from stretching on a regular basis. Students often report having more energy and less aches and pains once they started training.

What are the classes like?
Hapkido is meant to improve every aspect of the practitioner's life. So, we teach Hapkido in a traditional setting where students wear a uniform and learn traditional etiquette. This way students can improve and grow beyond basic physical combat and self-defense.

How does one get started?
The best thing to do is to go try a free class, or at least watch one. See the school and get a feel for the instructors and the program being taught. There is usually an option to try the program for a few weeks before you decide to join it.

Sign up for a free class and see first hand the many benefits of our Hapkido self-defense program.